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TECO Tea & Coffee Bar is your premier coffee and tea bar in Fremont, CA. At TECO Tea & Coffee Bar, we serve your favorite drinks and pastries, including coffee, espresso, cold brew, iced tea, Thai tea, boba tea, milk tea, and much more! Our coffee and tea shop offers excellent service, high-quality products, and a uniqueness that cannot be found elsewhere. It is our goal to give our customers a special experience with drinks that they are sure to love.


We serve the finest tea, coffee, and pastries in Fremont and the surrounding area. We also offer a relaxing ambiance to work or study in with free WiFi. Our cafe is quite spacious so it’s also perfect for friends and family to get together. We value our customers above all and strive to make every experience a positive one. It is our goal to serve you in any way possible and we will do what it takes to earn your business.


If you are interested in trying our unique and delicious beverages and pastries, please come visit TECO Tea & Coffee Bar today!





TECO Tea & Coffee Bar offers the freshest tasting coffee at our coffee shop. It is our goal to serve you a consistently great cup of coffee in a relaxed and unique environment...







In addition to our coffee drinks, TECO Tea & Coffee Bar also offers a wide variety of teas. Our cafe provides the finest tea beverages, including iced tea, boba tea, Thai tea...





If you're in town looking for delicious baked goods, then you'll find it here at TECO Tea & Coffee Bar. We feel there is something for everybody here who is looking to satisfy...





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