Supraja N.
TECO has fantastic drinks, a lovely decor, and a fun atmosphere. I am sad that they are closed -- I miss them.
J Christian E.
Been one of my college study spots and sad to say this place has shut their doors as of 11/20/22. Ordered the woman of steel, an iconic drink of theirs, and will forever cheerish it as it got me through several finals.
Monica M.
I placed an order with TECO through their online ordering system, and it was ready for pick up as soon as we arrived 5 minutes later. TECO had wonderful ambiance; very eye catching decor and the dining area was clean with plenty of seating. The music was a bit on the louder side, so while I wouldn't expect to be able to work from there, I could certainly see lots of casual meet ups with friends. The drinks were huge and super tasty! Added plus is they utilize Tpass, which is a loyalty card system for boba drinks if you haven't hopped on that already.
Michael L.
I've gotten takeout beverages from here before but decided to come in for a late sit down lunch and get some work done since I happen to have my laptop with me. First thing I noticed is their music is pretty kicka--. The 2nd observation is their cappuccino is bomb. The third impression is their avo toast is on fire. You get the point. I was glad I stayed instead of getting my grub to-go like I usually do. And before I knew it, I was there for over 2 hrs and I feel a got a lot of work done, more than if I had gone back to the office. I texted my sup that I've found my away office and that she can find me here more often.
Li H.
Love the atmosphere of this shop! Really nice to come and work, and their playlist is fire. The tea is great too! It's very strong, so if it's not a milk tea and you prefer non-sweet drinks, I would honestly suggest going for 50% or more instead of 30%...? I usually do 30% at other places but I had to ask for more sweetness. They were happy to oblige tho... I also liked that they had various free toppings, unlike most other places. My friend got a Sunset Boulevard and she said you can tell it's all real fruit puree, but a bit too much pineapple for her taste. It was a really pretty drink! My favorite is the osmanthus oolong with crema. I wouldn't order food if you're in a rush though. That's kind of my ick point... I saw another patron change their drink to a tea bc they ended up not liking coffee. The staff seem nice about requests.
Parker R.
This was the second time coming to Teco. The employees are so kind and helpful. They are located right off of Paseo Padre down the street from Lake Elizabeth. A great spot to grab a drink and head to the lake. I got the Matcha Latte and my friend got the Mango Smoothie. Both were delicious Oohhh!!! Also, if you check in (maybe only first time, not sure if every time) you get 10% off your order!!! Don't forget to check in! While you're there also walk around and check out the great inspirational quotes they have along the walls.
Kristy L.
I can't believe I've never seen this place! I frequent this area all the time and never went to this part of the plaza. Super cute and chic inside, very much a great place to come and do some work or bring your friends and enjoy some boba + their wide selection of snacks! I got the oolong tea oat latte, it was SO GOOD. I cannot believe that I've never had a boba latte?? I also forgot to take a picture of it but trust me, as a latte connoisseur, this is so worth getting if you're craving something boba-ish but also light. I have no idea what my friend ordered but I managed to take a photo of her drink, haha. It's so pretty! She said it was very delish and drank the whole cup within fifteen minutes! Highly recommend coming here, it's clean and the workers are super kind and patient.